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About The Blog

Firstly, some things I would like to share with you about Simplified Intelligence:

Nicholas DureaultI’m Nick Dureault and I’m currently the Sr. Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager at World Vision Canada.

Why create a blog?…  It’s simply a way for me to get out ideas and techniques in a more concise way with feedback (hopefully) from others who are having the same challenges.

What drives me professionally?… developing insights that are accurate and actionable based in data.  I especially love ‘TouchPoint data‘ since it offers a unique set of characteristics that augment transactional data in such a deep way.  TouchPoint data is an immersive experiential gateway to measure, slice and build solid personas and segments.

Who I’m a fan of… besides these blogs here, here, here, and here, I’m a huge fan of Avinash Kaushik and the awesome insights he creates… I’m fortunate to have learned a lot from all these blogs (and many others), but the real secret I’ve come across to creating great insights is to use the tools of the trade and continuously learn often as possible.

More about me

.. So what does my unique(ish) skill-set make me good with?:

  • Create and drive digital strategy across organizations
  • Provide real solutions and recommendations that produce results for marketing and sales teams
  • SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING into stunning sometimes visual imagery, ready for easy consumption

My goal with Simplified Intelligence is to bring you real world stories you can use in your work right now.

Contact Me

Feel free to connect with me on any ideas or if your interested in working on something together.  I also love speaking engagements at local groups or meetups.