Google Performance Summit – San Francisco

So I’m headed to the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco and I’m actually super excited!   This is one of those rare opportunities to get a chance at meeting the product owners of YouTube, AdWords, Google Analytics, and other tools that help generate revenue and make better decisions… Exactly the kind of stuff I love at Simplified Insights.

So with the family said goodbye to, and all the hugs and kisses done, I’m off to the airport to start my journey to see what’s in store for the digital marketing world with the performance tools that Google has to offer.


OK, so this is an invite only event which I’m sure I was on the B-list (given that I received the invite 1 month prior to the event), but I don’t care, this is freaking cool, and kinda like a pilgrimage of sorts – I’ll fill you in on what happens, new developments, and any cool swag I end up with, if any.



I’m very excited to meed a few people at this summit including the VP of Search Ben Gomez.  I can’t wait to hit these leaders up with questions and learn some insights about what makes Google Search tick.

What I’m really excited about is how all their performance platforms address a mobile-first world and how to be among the first to take advantage of these enhancements.

Lastly, none of this wouldn’t have been possible without my employer World Vision Canada making the necessary investments in platforms like Google Analytics Premium (Analytics 360) so we can learn from, and do analysis with Analytics and be the stewards our donors expect.

Signing off now, see you in San Francisco!