Personalized Relationship Optimization (PRO)

CRO’s Bigger, Better, More Awesome Brother.

If you’re a reader of, you’re here because you want to stay Ahead of The Curve… Way ahead of the curve… Right? Ok, so I’ve got a new term to share with you and I call it ‘Personalized Relationship Optimization‘ (PRO).  You like? 🙂   ‘Read my blog! Signup for my MTM Framework Newsletter! Get Simplified Insights…’

Let me explain…

You know that crazy framework I keep on talking about, you know, the one on the right sidebar on any of my blog posts, the Marketing Tower Model (MTM), well that framework is your secret weapon to keeping your relationship together across your entire sales and marketing organization – online, offline, in person, anywhere.  It doesn’t matter if you are a 1 person show or a large enterprise, the MTM can keep your communications personalized, consistent and optimized to build the best relationships possible.


MTM Framework

MTM Framework for Personalized Relationship Optimization

So, I’ve been hearing a lot of talking lately about building better relationships down to the 1:1 level with your clients, customers, potential opportunities, whomever; but building personalized relationships requires a particular frame of mind from your organization.

Lots of organizations are starting to tackle the issue but not many have a complete solution… What’s more is that most organizations headed in this direction seem to complicate rather than simplify 1:1 relationship building – and this is where the MTM framework clarifies.

…And so what if you can build 1:1 relationships with someone, how do you adjust and personalize the relationship as it matures, grows or even falls apart.  What does your strategy/tactics look like in a personalized world and how do you keep it all together?

Lot’s to think about, right?


Personalized Relationship Optimization You Say?

Yes, and I do say.

Relationship Optimization is one of the key differences between the Marketing Tower Model (MTM) framework and the rest of what’s out there.  That’s because the MTM framework is not an endless flowchart of boxes and squiggles or a forced journey map, rather it leverages the 3 most important (and actionable) dimensions marketers use to create collateral – Funnel Stage, Persona/Segment, and Product/Service of Interest.  With these three dimensions in hand, your collateral, messaging, channels, technologies, etc, become derivatives of what ‘MarketingCUBE’ your client/customer/opportunity is in, so you can focus on building the best relationships possible – this is the customer-centric model we’re all aiming for and few have achieved (I’ll clarify MarketingCUBES in an upcoming post).

What’s equally as important as building the best possible relationship is the optimization factor… but would you be surprised to learn that by just using the Marketing Tower Model framework, you have already begun the optimization process?


How do you optimize a relationship anyways?

Personalizing and Optimizing the relationship is a lot like Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), but on a more individual level.

I hear some of you already asking “Can you really do this?”

Well… I’m already doing this using the MTM framework.  With a good setup and persona’s in hand, we can begin to figure out your affinity for more subtle things based in behavioural data to make individual decisions like switch out the colour of a button or re-order a list in real-time to increase the propensity of a conversion, or swap one creative for another after the email has been sent based on new information… it’s really that powerful! I have the results to prove it!


Bigger, Better, More Awesome

Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s difficult, Personalized Relationship Optimization (PRO) only requires you to re-frame the challenge and accept that you have the ability to speak, individually, to your customer and prospect base.  You only then need to make the necessary adjustments in your marketing methods and style and factor in for 1:1 relationship communications.



The MTM framework is a powerful personalization and optimization framework and I’d love to have everything ready for your consumption now.  The truth is that while I have exciting evidence of its success, I am in the very early stages of sharing this framework with the world.  In the upcoming months I will put out some articles, based on feedback in the comments sections, to address things like ‘how to get started’, ‘what technology do I need’, and a host of other questions I’m sure 🙂

What can (PRO) and the MTM Framework do for you?

  1. Aligns Content to the Right Person for the Right Reasons
  2. Provides a Marketing Framework that is Future Proof
  3. Makes Your Content ‘FEEL’ More Personal and Compelling
  4. Helps to Make Switching Strategies Much Easier When Needed
  5. Guides You in a No-Nonsense Way Towards Success
  6. Prevents Analysis Paralysis From Decision Making
  7. Increases Conversion Rates  at Each Step – I’ve seen as much as 6x using the MTM framework
  8. Builds Better Relationships across all touchpoints
  9. Accelerates the Velocity of Conversions
  10. Predicts Purchase Behaviours in Advance
  11. Compete with an Unfair Advantage Against the Noise

The reality is that the MTM Framework and PRO will make your marketing WAY better!

I wish you success in all your future marketing efforts!